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Our Curriculum at Banana Moon

Banana Moon Early Learning & Development Programme

The Banana Moon, early learning and development programme, supports a child’s unique development journey by providing high-quality playful provision and a dedicated team of early years professionals.

The programme supports Banana Moon children, families, and early years professionals. Five principles wrap around the child to reflect the importance of a holistic approach to learning and development. The principles guide teaching and ensure all early years professionals can support individual children on their development journey. 

The foundations for effective teaching are based on what early years professionals know and understand about how children learn and how they can guide that learning. We believe children learn best through play; therefore, all those working with children understand what that means, what it looks like and how it feels for a child attending the nursery. Children are encouraged to be active learners, and early years professionals allow children to build on what they know through various play-based opportunities.

Learning is situated in the joyful world of a child and not in a world dominated by adults. The magic of play and children’s natural fascinations is the starting point for planning teaching and the environment. The focus is to ensure that there are many opportunities for children to develop the skills they need to make good progress in all areas of learning. 

A Banana Moon day nursery environment promotes exploration, curiosity, and excitement. The nursery reflects how early years professionals teach, meaning many open-ended, magical, inspiring, and motivating experiences and resources are available for all children. 
The outdoor environment, whether this is a nursery garden or a local outdoor space used by the nursery, provides opportunities for children to explore the natural world around them. It also allows them to be physically active and enjoy learning in a different space.
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Our five guiding principles


A child’s development journey is as individual and unique as their fingerprint. 
We understand the importance of child development and therefore observe children closely, communicate with parents and keep our own professional development and knowledge current.


We not only consider and prioritise children’s well-being, but we put equal priority on early years professional’s well-being. We support one another as we walk hand-in-hand with our children towards becoming the best version of ourselves. 


Parents are critical to ensuring early years professionals continue each child’s development journey sensitively, with accurate knowledge and with the passion needed to support all children to reach their full potential. 

Early Childhood

Our early years professionals understand how children learn and how they can guide that learning. We focus on playful experiences that support learning holistically. The magic of play and children’s natural fascinations will be the starting point for all we do. 

Learning and
Development Environment

We provide an environment that promotes exploration, curiosity, and excitement by using a range of open-ended, magical, inspiring, and motivating resources and experiences for all children. 
We understand that every child arriving at a Banana Moon nursery has already started their development journey. 

We value the differences between individual families and use these as the foundation for building trusting and mutually respectful relationships. We see supporting families in their pursuit to raise their children in an ever-changing world as fundamental to our role. 

Communication is at the centre of good practice when supporting families. So we provide opportunities to see what children are doing at nursery and encourage families to tell us what children are doing at home. 
The Banana Moon journey is taken together. We support one another as we walk with our children and families towards achieving the best outcomes.
In September 2021, the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage was revised to strengthen practice and improve outcomes for all children. The Banana Moon early learning & development programme is unique to Banana Moon day nurseries. However, it has been cross-referenced with the EYFS and meets all the statutory components for learning and development.

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