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Many years ago I asked our young children where potatoes come from and got the logical but slightly disappointing supermarket answer. A clear turning point for me, and I decided that one of my missions was that any child coming into my nursery would be offered opportunities to plant. Flowers. Vegetables. Fruit. Herbs. Jelly beans (you never know...).
And so it came to pass.
Quite apart from the learning opportunities of counting, sorting, fine motor skills etc etc, there is an unrivalled sense of pride, achievement and wonder when you see the first shoots poke through the soil, and then the end product, whatever that may be. Amazing.
And you need very little. Sure, a pot or some compost is helpful, but you don't even need that (but ask around: plenty of neighbours will have some going spare!). Here's some haveago ideas: why not haveago! Now the frost season is over, it's not too late!
Seed bombs: packet of wild seeds, compost, a small amount of clay (which you can dig up from areas of woods or near streams): mix and roll into balls and throw where you want flowers to grow.
Tomatoes/peppers: take the fruit and squeeze it until the seeds come out. Bury in some compost and water. Thin out the plants once they are a few centimetres tall, so they don't compete. You can make a pot out of loo rolls...
Peas/beans/pumpkins: first year you probably want to buy some, but subsequent years you can keep some from the pods you've grown. Place some on a piece of kitchen roll and dampen. Keep damp until they sprout. Plant out; these will need stakes to support their growth, but you can use sticks from the woods.
Sweet peas: find someone who has some and ask for a pod. Plant the seeds straight into the ground. Or buy some first year round.. 
Mint: plant in a pot as it will just spread everywhere! Try different varieties: spearmint, apple mint, chocolate mint (oh yes!)... Grab a sprig and pop it in the ground, it's likely to survive!
Rocket: as mint!
Strawberries: I've not tried this but theoretically you can just plant the strawberry into compost: makes sense, as it wears it's seeds on the outside!
And try rocket and strawberry salad - nom nom.
Avocado: keep the stone, pierce cross ways with 4 toothpicks and balance over a glass with water covering the base until roots grow.
African violets: ask for a leaf and plant the stalk in a pot. 
And of course spuds: cut in half (although not necessary!) And hide in a bucket of earth with the 'eyes' facing the sky...
Starter for 10! Have a go, and let us know how you get on :) 

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