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PANCO: Physical Activity and Nutrition Coordinator

PANCO: Physical Activity and Nutrition Coordinator
At Banana Moon Lower Sundon, we have a PANCO (Physical Activity and Nutrition Coodinator). Here, Jade tells us a little bit about her role:
The role of a PANco (Physical and Nutritional Coordinator) is important not just to the little ones we care for, but for ourselves and families. Within our setting, we aim to educate and empower one another in the importance of food choices, oral hygiene and the effects of these on our bodies.
Throughout the months ahead, we will be looking at new learning opportunities for all, such as continuing to consume our home-grown fruit and vegetables (and planting more next year), extending role play ideas - incorporating cook books and making our own recipe books, weekly cooking experiences (sweet and savoury) and even having other professionals such as dentists coming to visit us. 
Children naturally incorporate their home experiences into nursery experiences and play - where we will become positive role models and encourage perseverance with challenges such as pouring own drinks, learning to use cutlery correctly and trying new foods. 
This week preschool worked in small groups to butter their bread, cut their own cheese and cucumber, and work out if there was any way to maybe not have to put ALL the bread in their little mouths at the same time. They talked about handwashing, knife safety, food choices, and having ago.
I wonder how else we can inspire each other with nutrition and our health? 

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