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Our SEND Offer

We have updated our Local SEND Offer and would love to share it! 

Talking about Special Educational Needs and Disabilities is so important as it is everyone’s role to ensure that the children in our care are receiving all the necessary support and guidance. As practitioners put the children’s needs first and ensure they are being provided with the best care, learning and support is so important to ensure they can achieve their full potential. 

In our Local Offer you can read about how Banana Moon Day Nursery are working as a partnership with our parents/ carers to help support and guide them on this beautiful journey to enhance their child’s everyday needs. We can guide parents/carers towards those external agencies who can have such a positive impact on helping children with their needs. 

The local offer can help staff to see what lovely activities they can set up to support and encourage children with additional needs to participate and get stuck in the fun! It helps practitioners to understand how they can adapt their practice to ensure we are promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion within our day and how this is impacting on the children in our care. 
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